Infinity Health Group follows a ‘Patient First’ approach. Here, all medical treatments are performed using state-of-the-art equipment and technology without stressful delays, long registration procedures, or unnecessary tests. We are proud of our professionally-trained staff and board-certified physicians.


Our physicians perform a physical examination to gather and evaluate data about the medical and family history of a patient. It helps them gain an in-depth understanding of any physiological, social or environmental factor that might have an effect on the patient’s health. Patients participate with providers to make a well-informed decision about their healthcare needs, whether clinical or financial.

Clinical Plan: Physicians educate patients about their health issues and suggest treatment alternatives that a patient can consider undergoing.

Financial Plan: We have transparent pricing policies. We accept all major insurance schemes. Additionally, patients are explained about each penny credited to their insurance. We offer payment arrangements based on the patient’s ability to afford our services.




If clinically indicated, the patient is advised for medical tests to aid in the diagnosis or detection of disease or to provide prognostic information about people with some established disease.

We strictly practice Quality Assurance and Quality Management programs to provide accurate and timely laboratory and radiology reports to patients.

Our laboratory services include Biochemistry and Hematology. We also provide high-end lab tests, for example, urine toxicology, blood hormone, genetic testing (DNA), and molecular PCR.

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The information acquired by your medical history, physical examination and diagnostic tests is used to provide you the best care focusing on your overall wellbeing.

We ensure patient driven outcome through clear communication and collaboration between patients and physicians. It helps us create a plan of care that fits best to the patient’s requirements.




We follow up with patients to monitor their health progress. We have a portal where patients can fill online questionnaires depending on physician’s advice as per medical condition and track their progress.

This is a secured portal; meaning, patient information is kept confidential

Patient education and counseling is an integral part of our patient care approach so that patients themselves can track their medical condition and manage it better.


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