In today`s healthcare industry, when the insurance reimbursements are drying up and the cost of doing business is going over the roof, Infinity Health Group believes that progress is impossible without change. Healthcare industry is changing faster than ever, and Infinity Health Group is leading this change by setting example. At Infinity Health Group, we are concerned about our group providers. We help you embrace the change, not fear it. Infinity Health Group supports its partner physicians at every step.


Detailed Medical Examination Support– We provide our physicians access to different disease specific questionnaires for screening that helps evaluate physical as well as mental status of a patient at a deeper level and monitoring patient’s progress.
Real Diagnostics- An online clinical survey tool that assists you to diagnose illness and monitor the patient’s progress and assists your patients to keep track of their health status.

Information Access – Our physicians have direct access to patient’s information and test results through online portal. It is a HIPAA certified platform and patient’s information is kept safe and confidential.

New Patient- Infinity Health Group plays an active role in attracting new patients by implementing aggressive marketing strategies to promote brand awareness. Our social media team helps physicians increase their social presence online. We optimize social media channels to ensure that the right message reaches the right community, publish different articles and operate an online ‘Ask Experts’ blog.



Manpower- Infinity offers unmatched support to physician’s practice by providing range of services from sample collection to placing an experienced phlebotomist at physician’s clinic. Our phlebotomists not only provide sample collection services, but also ensure that the samples are sent to laboratory in timely and error-free manner.Our state-of-the-art laboratory with most sophisticated machines delivers quick and comprehensive test results that are made available directly at physician’s office.

Specimen Collection & Phlebotomy Support- Mobilizes specimen collection by providing on-site collection support that includes basic infrastructure (e.g. fridge, test tubes, etc.) as well as certified and experienced phlebotomist.

Method- We follow best practices to ensure our protocols and processes meet regulatory guidelines. Our Medical Director can be reached directly to ensure that physician’s concern, if any, is resolved immediately. We have specific teams for specific service lines and these teams ensure that we take care of end-to-end services and free physicians from administrative burden.


Material- Depending on the type of engagement with physicians, we provide laboratory supplies, Durable Medical Equipment, Sterile, Non Sterile, Compounding and Specialty Pharmacy Products.

Machine- Infinity invests in different modern equipment and machines to upgrade physician’s office.

Partnering & Managing Slimming Studios- Partners with you to provide non-invasive cosmetic and weight loss procedure and plays a key role in entire value chain right from supplies to distribution.


From Posting Charges to Insurance Verification – Infinity`s team ensures that all paper and online formalities pertaining to receiving authorization, posting charges or following up with insurance company are complied.

Our highly experienced compliance team ensures that we follow the right process. Our Goal is to take administrative responsibilities off your shoulder.

Billing & Revenue Strategy Support – Provides customized billing software to suit revenue cycle process at your facility with exceptional client support services and user training.



Physicians are the first ones hit by any changes in insurance reimbursement patterns. With so many incentive and penalty programs in place, those changes cause unnecessary confusions and physicians end up spending more time and money on administering and managing those changes. And even after that, reimbursement is going down for all providers across the healthcare industry. In this tricky environment, Infinity Health Group plays a crucial role by developing revenue strategies for physicians.

Infinity has a single minded mission to be the revenue strategy partner for our clients, focused on deploying innovative business models to help generate improved medical outcomes for patients.We provide hardship assistance to your patients who cannot afford high healthcare costs that develops a strong relationship between you and your patient.

Medical Service Organization- Provides you an opportunity to serve as a member of our Medical Advisory Board and work with us towards innovating healthcare delivery models.

We have a top-notch legal and compliance team in place who has years of experience in medical industry.


Malpractice Insurance Support- Provides assistance on medical malpractice and professional liability insurance along with risk management services.

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We follow different types of engagement models and to work in the best interest of physicians, we offer a customized engagement opportunity depending on physician’s concerns. You can leave a message or call us directly anytime and your queries are addressed directly by our top management team.