Patient Comes First

Our patients are our priority. We follow a patient centered approach where we continually innovate and improve how we deliver healthcare toward with a focus on value outcomes and over all well being.

100% Compliance

We have a legal advisory that ensures compliance with legal, financial and ethical norms.

Disruptive Innovation

Disruptive innovation is at the core of who we are as a company. We are pioneer in converting healthcare challenges to opportunities and help providers understand and implement the strategies to take advantage of those opportunities.

Patient first always!


Our physicians perform a physical examination to gather and evaluate data about the medical and family history of a patient. Click here…


If clinically indicated, the patient is advised for medical tests to aid in the diagnosis or detection of disease Click here…


The information acquired by your medical history, physical examination and diagnostic tests Click here…


We follow up with patients to monitor their health progress Click here…

Leading the change!


Detailed Medical Examination Support– We provide our physicians access to different disease specific questionnaires for screening. Click here…


Manpower- Infinity offers unmatched support to physician’s practice by providing range of services from sample collection to placing an experienced phlebotomist at physician’s clinic. Click here…


From Posting Charges to Insurance Verification – Infinity`s team ensures that all paper and online formalities pertaining to receiving authorization, Click here…


Physicians are the first ones hit by any changes in insurance reimbursement patterns. With so many incentive and penalty programs in place, those changes cause unnecessary confusions and physicians end up spending more time and money on administering and managing those changes.  Click here…

Why Choose Us

Excellent Service

We provide accurate and timely healthcare services in a comfortable and convenient environment ensuring high-quality treatment and healthcare to everyone.

Guaranteed Work

We are committed to providing patient-focused healthcare services thus offering unique product and services in a personalized preventive care plan.

Available Doctor

We understand the need for quick medical care which we deliver through engaging you with us at all points and in every decision about your health. No matter what, we’re always there for you.

Our Brand

We provide 24/7 customer support.

Please feel free to contact us at 214-975-3960 for emergency case.